Mobile Grandé

    A veritable control tower dedicated to the production of variety and reality shows, live or recorded television broadcasts, our MOBILE GRANDÉ and its expert and passionate team can be deployed to your production site.

    Our mobile, a sort of 53-foot technological food truck, has been involved in a multitude of Québec television shows for nearly 20 years.

    Interior spaces

    • Two-person sound room and audio recording station 
    • Two-person video recording station
    • CCU station for two people
    • Central production unit for six to 8 people

    Mobile Grandé team

    • Semi-trailer driver
    • Technical management/mobile engineer
    • Video technician
    • Communications technician
    • Coordination/project management

    Main equipment

    • SONY HDC-3200 4K cameras
    • SONY HDC-4300L 4K cameras
    • SONY HDC-1500 R SERIES cameras with 90x and 107x lenses
    • Compatible with SONY F55 and CANON C-300 cameras
    • 12 CCU (camera control unit)
    • SONY MVS-8000 4xME Switching Console, 51 inputs 24 outputs
    • Chyron module
    • Centrio multivewer
    • 64X64 audio matrix
    • Studer audio console – Vista 1 to 32 faders
    • Wi-Fi dedicated to production
    • Riedel Bolero communication system for 10 wireless users
    • Wired communication system on cameras and inside the mobile
    • Recording system on KiPro, Sony HDCAM and HDCAM SR
    • Platinum MX Router 64X56
    • Video wall for production team composed of 13 monitors of different formats

    Client Projects