Tungsten, HMI, LED: from the smallest to the largest, we have all the key industry equipment. Whether for outdoor, indoor or studio shoots, we have everything you need to light up all your ambitions. Whether it’s dimming the sun or re-creating night, there’s nothing we can’t do to make reality…unreal.


    Lighting is an integral part of our DNA. Our team has been trained on film sets and has a keen interest in film and lighting techniques. The work may be done in the dark, but we love the light! That's why at GRANDÉ ÉCLAIRAGE we have a human and sensitive approach that takes into account your requests and your needs so that we give you, beyond our equipment, personalized attention combined with our expertise and desire to see you achieve your vision.


    • 100 W to 12,000 W ARRI Fresnel
    • 10k and 20k Cinemills
    • Big Eye Mole
    • 5K Mole Beam


    • Arrimax M8
    • Arrimax M18
    • Arrimax M40
    • Arrimax M90
    • Arrimax 18k Par
    • Joker400
    • Joker800
    • Joker1600
    • Cinemills 12k Fresnel
    • Cinemills 18k Fresnel
    • 4K Mole Beam


    • Titan Astera
    • Helios Astera
    • AX3 Astera 
    • AX5 Astera
    • AX10 Astera
    • SL1 Mix DMG
    • MiniMix DMG
    • MaxiMix DMG
    • S30 ARRI
    • S60 ARRI
    • S360 ARRI
    • Orbiter ARRI
    • Aputure 300X
    • Aputure 600C
    • Aputure 1200
    • MC Aputure Kit
    • Gemini 1x1 Lite Panel
    • LiteMat 2 Spectrum
    • LiteMat 3 Spectrum
    • LiteMat 4 Spectrum
    • LiteMat 2L Spectrum

    Machinist Equipment

    The art of lighting is also the art of controlling light. That's why at GRANDÉ ÉCLAIRAGE we have all the necessary equipment to make your lighting a true work of art.

    From tripods to hanging systems of all kinds, to fabrics, reflectors and diffusers, we have all the hardware you need to make your set, large or small, for television or film, worthy of your project.

    Dolly and Cranes

    PeeWee, Hybrid, Fisher, rails and cranes: we have the full range of equipment that will put your vision into action. Because life is in motion and the camera can also be a character in your story, we have everything you need to give your shots the angle and momentum you need to create your images in all your projects.

    • PeeWee III+
    • PeeWee IV+
    • Hybrid III
    • Hybrid III+
    • Fisher10
    • Fisher11
    • Doorway Dolly
    • Dana Dolly
    • Mini-Dolly Kit
    • Duty Dolly