Virtual Productions

    Used on large-scale international projects, virtual production is now an integral part of today’s productions. GRANDÉ STUDIOS deploys virtual production technology in the first LED screen studio available in Québec. Equipped with the technology of the 3D game engine Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games, virtual production allows for the creation of realistic and immersive environments, opening the door to new possibilities.

    Main advantages of production in a virtual environment

    • Allows you to imagine stories that could not otherwise exist, both financially and from a production logistics point of view.
    • Redefines the production process to optimize its possibilities, from creation, pre-production, production to post-production.
    • Allows you to create environments and settings that could be created only through special effects in post-production.
    • Allows the director to visualize in real time the actors in their environment and to adjust, on the spot, inasmuch as possible, the acting or the production elements.
    • Unlike a green screen set, it allows the actors to perform in real time and immerse themselves in the environment in which their character is located.
    • Provides a flexible and agile film set environment for optimal production efficiency.
    • Allows production to reduce travel, change sets and change environments easily. Allows for control of weather conditions through flexible virtual environments.
    • In addition to studio lighting, uses the light from the LED screens as a natural light source for optimal realism.

    Specific technical expertise

    • 3D, 2D, 1D cable cam
    • Stabilization integrated in the Unreal Engine
    • Camera positioning system integrated in the Unreal Engine
    • Synchronized motion control camera