Equipment Rental

Camera service

Latest technology rentals. Everything is in place to meet the most critical repairs and adjustments. State-of-the-art technical room dedicated to calibration and repair of large-size lenses. Anti-dust, anti-static and neutral projector and collimator area.

Camera service

  • 35mm digital cameras (HD, 2K, 4K, 8K)
  • 35mm film cameras
  • 2/3” cameras
  • DSLR and accessories
  • Specialty cameras
  • Camera support and rigs
  • Remote systems
  • Cameras accessories
  • Digital recorders
  • Canon and Panasonic service center
  • Camera workshop

Optical Science

  • Spherical s35 prime lenses
  • Spherical s35 zoom lenses
  • Anamorphic prime lenses
  • Anamorphic zoom lenses
  • 2/3” lenses
  • Specialty lenses
  • Lens workshop

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    Grip / Electric


    Lighting and grip equipment from industry leaders.

    State-of-the-art cranes and remote heads and top-of-the-line technical services.


    • LED, HMI, Softlights, Tungsten Fresnel, Open Face Quartz, Chimeras, Fluorescent, Special effects and dimmers



    • Scanner crane, Galaxy crane, Felix crane, Trovato jib, Techno jib, Swiss jib, Piccolo, Nova jib, Jimmy jib
    • Stanton head, Scanner head, Talon head, Power pod, Nova pod



    • Flags & nets, Overheads, Grip hardware, Grip stand & accessories, Scaffolding, Bags & cribbing, Ladders, Carts, Reflectors, Pipes



    • 1500 amp, 1200 amp, 800 amp, 500 amp, 300 amp, 12000 w, 6500 w, 3000 w, 2000 w, 1000 w

      Our generators are either in a towable version of truck mounted and our technicians maintain a high level of service and reliability.
      *Package trucks on demand.

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