Why Quebec ?


Montreal, renowned as Canada’s cultural capital, can stand in for cities as different as New York, Paris or even Moscow. If you want, you can also travel back in time in the space of a single camera movement. Old Montreal and Old Quebec offer acres of period buildings and cobblestone streets dating back to the 17th century.

Your film could be set at the turn of the century or the day before yesterday… You will always find the right backdrop in Quebec.

Here you can benefit from :

  • A wide, creative talent pool and skilled technicians
  • Extensive and diverse filming locations
  • Ethnic, architectural, and cultural diversity

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Should your production needs extend beyond our Quebec borders, Grandé Studios is pleased to offer you the full support and services of our Toronto-based rental house.

Dazmo Camera’s mission is to provide high-end technical services and meticulously maintained camera equipment for a large breadth of projects, ranging from feature films, documentaries, episodic television, to commercials, music videos, and reality television.

In keeping with the continuously growing, fast-paced technological advancements of the television and film industry, Dazmo Camera’s inventory and services are ever evolving and adapting to offer the most relevant equipment and the services of trained technicians to seamlessly integrate new gear with production crews.

Our approach is simple. When you bring your project to us you get our full attention. You are not a number, you are not just an order in our system. We are genuinely interested in your work and your approach. We succeed only if you do as well, and our aim is to see that you do.

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