About the partners

Behind GRANDÉ, three complementary faces give the company its momentum and personality.

Iohann Martin: The visionary

“It’s in our DNA to offer international services and standards with a local creative and human spirit.”
Iohann Martin’s strategic vision has succeeded in making GRANDÉ a major player in the music, film and television production industry, nationally and internationally. Passionate about film, television and music, Iohann has been immersed in the world of film sets and recording studios since his childhood. He has been involved in all aspects of production, but above all, he has composed music for numerous TV series. Together with his partners, in 1997 he founded Dazmo, which initially specialized in music for television and advertising campaigns. Inspired by a global vision, Iohann set his sights on new horizons. With the help of his vast network of contacts, he invested in developing GRANDÉ’s integrated ecosystem of infrastructure, technologies and expertise.

Andrew Lapierre: The expert

“We can anticipate the needs of the production industry because innovation inspires us to go above and beyond.”
Andrew has management in his blood. He gained his experience at a young age. At just 21, he launched his first innovative fashion company. He then left for New York City to establish a Canadian clothing chain in the United States. After a stint in real estate, he returned to Montréal to develop his expertise in the film industry. With Iohann Martin and Mitsou Gélinas, he joined forces with Dazmo to found Vidéo Assist, then Vidéo MTL, and finally GRANDÉ.

Andrew is a true technophile, drawn to electronics, computers and filming technologies. He never misses a trade show, which allows him to stay on top of the latest industry developments and to anticipate the needs of production teams. Close to the day-to-day operations, Andrew never hesitates to “get his hands dirty.” When you know the product like he does, you know how to develop it better.

Mitsou Gélinas: The unifier

“Working alongside creators is a privilege and a powerful driver for a team like ours.”
Mitsou Gélinas first made her name as a young Québec actress and then, at the tender age of 17, broke onto the Canadian music scene with her first pop single, Bye Bye mon cowboy. Over the years, she has reinvented herself as a host, writer and magazine editor. Because she likes to do what is least expected of her, she constantly reinvents herself in roles that match her talents and ambitions, and has shown herself to be an innovative and shrewd entrepreneur. With her partners, Mitsou has created two major players in the music and production industry: Dazmo and GRANDÉ – to which she has added Ray-On music services. An exceptional and dynamic communicator, Mitsou is also heard on the most listened-to radio shows in the Greater Montréal area. Her reputation, her knowledge of the community, and her engaging personality make her a unifying partner who is able to garner everyone’s support.