GRANDÉ STUDIOS sets its sights higher with real-time virtual production

Today’s launch of a demonstration video showcases spectacular effects that are blurring the lines between the virtual and physical environments! A hub of the visual effects industry, Montréal is a key destination for film and audiovisual producers who rely on the talent of its craftspeople. And among the major players is GRANDÉ STUDIOS. The Montréal company is now pushing the boundaries of its expertise ever further with real-time virtual production.

Montreal, August 20, 2021 – Since opening in 2016, GRANDÉ STUDIOS has been growing to
meet demand. One of the rare companies to accommodate the filming needs of Hollywood
movies and television series, the Montréal company boasts solid expertise in real-time virtual
production. As spectacular as it is flexible, this method of filming, which has been featured on
local and international productions, combines advances in the augmented reality of video games
with traditional film as we know it.

“Thanks to this expertise, we can create virtual environments that would otherwise be inaccessible, costly or difficult to control. And to maintain all the magic of film and give actors the opportunity to deliver their best performance, we succeed in making the audience forget the technology, which becomes a continuation of the physical decor. From both an artistic and a technical standpoint, this melding of the traditional and the virtual, which we have mastered, is extraordinary.”

Andrew Lapierre, Executive Vice President and co-founder of GRANDÉ STUDIOS

Serving Hollywood and Québec television and film productions

A warning here. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that real-time virtual production is only for big American productions. The technology is extremely flexible, the costs are variable, and the teams of GRANDÉ STUDIOS – made up of partners (Float 4 and Trans-Québec) who combine expertise in physical and virtual filming –adjust to the needs of each production. We guide the client, technically and artistically, and support all their technicians through every stage of production and filming: from conception through the storyboard to post-production, if necessary.

A little more about real-time virtual production

The film world is constantly evolving, and the relatively recent use of video game engines, such as Unreal Engine, created by EPIC GAMES, makes it possible to combine traditional and virtual techniques. As the term “real-time” implies, a game engine produces images in milliseconds, adapting instantly and restoring images in real time regardless of the actions of the actor or, in this case, the director. This speed allows for a stunning quality final product.

“Real-time” images are projected on a virtual wall – LED screens or green backgrounds – that range from the extremely realistic to the futuristic. The camera directly captures the actors’ live performances, elements of the real decor, and digital environments. There is no need to create a composite image afterward. Everything is filmed using the same camera.

Real-time virtual production makes it possible to visualize and manipulate various elements and digital effects much sooner than with “traditional” filming.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we invite you to view a demonstration video on real- time virtual production produced by GRANDÉ STUDIOS in partnership with Float 4 and Trans- Québec:

About GRANDÉ STUDIOS (Groupe Dazmo)

Founded by Iohann Martin, Andrew Lapierre, Paul Hurteau and Mitsou Gélinas in 2016, GRANDÉ STUDIOS is housed in more than 340,000 sq. ft. of filming/construction space, and provides production installations, camera and lighting rental services, and technical services to the television and film industry. As one of the rare studies that can accommodate the filming needs of Hollywood movies and television series, GRANDÉ STUDIOS has provided expertise for numerous local and international productions, including Moonfall, The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Disappointment Blvd., French Exit, Jack Ryan, La semaine des 4 Julie, En direct de l’univers, La guerre des clans, and many more.

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